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Sarvesh R. Agrawal

Acoustician  |  Researcher  |  Audio Engineer 

Sarvesh R. Agrawal 

Hi! I am exactly three years older than the Google search engine, my name means omnipresent in Sanskrit (I welcome all audio/acoustics puns and jokes), have performed as a DJ under the stage name – Indian Ballista, and have been living abroad for six years. 

I am a researcher in audiovisual evaluation, acoustician, and audio engineer. When I am not geeking out on audio/acoustics, I am usually on Coursera. I have a liking for finance and entrepreneurship and would like to be a finance professional in the following life. 

Arsenal is my team and Drake is my artist of choice. I accept payments and bribes in the form of cash and boneless fried chicken.   

A brief look at my journey so far

Bang & Olufsen

Engineer, Design and Innovation Research Fellow (since Oct 2018)

Struer, Denmark

It is surreal to think that I work at the company which captivated me with its unconventional design and soul-stirring sound right from the beginning of my obsession with loudspeakers. The opportunity to learn about everything from psychoacoustics to machine learning and collaborate with some of the brightest and humble minds in audio and acoustics is a highly enriching experience. Working at B&O teaches me about people, culture, tradition, and business while pushing me to constantly adjust my worldviews.

You can learn more about the brand here.

Technical University of Denmark

PhD student (since Oct 2018)

Lyngby, Denmark

I am pursuing a PhD at DTU Fotonik as a Marie Curie Fellow under the supervision of Dr. Søren Forchhammer and Dr. Søren Bech. The position is fully funded by the European Union as part of the RealVision ITN (under the Horizon 2020 framework). My work is focused on the subjective evaluation of immersion in domestic audiovisual applications. DTU Fotonik will be the degree-awarding institution while all of my research is conducted at Bang & Olufsen. 

I am thankful to have wonderful colleagues who introduced me to the world of visual research. Lightfields, color perception, high dynamic range imaging, video compression, and perceptual evaluation of visual media are all fascinating topics with many parallels to audio. 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

M.S. in Acoustics (Aug 2017 – Aug 2018)

Troy, New York

RPI quenched my thirst for acoustics knowledge on all fronts – engineering acoustics, psychoacoustics, architectural acoustics, and research. I worked under Dr. Jonas Braasch on my thesis titled “Impression of Spatially Distributed Reverberation Algorithms in Multichannel Audio Reproduction.” Late nights in the laboratories, trips to concert halls for acoustical measurements, concerts at EMPAC, playing with the 576-channel wavefield synthesis system, and an unforgettable trip to the Acoustical Society of America meeting in New Orleans are some of the highlights from my time at Rensselaer. The cold in upstate New York has only made me stronger! 

MSE Audio Group

Quality Inspector and Coordinator (Oct 2016- Mar 2017)

Lenexa, Kansas

MSE created a position for me when I expressed the desire to work with them. It was a great learning experience and the perfect opportunity for me to implement the acquired skills. I performed electrical and acoustical measurements, co-ordinated production operations, assisted in resolving technical production problems, and ensured quality control for three brands. Being at a small company meant that I was able to get a taste of several different jobs- from winding inductor coils for crossovers to crafting $20,000 loudspeakers. The understanding of manufacturing, sourcing parts, pricing, and company operations has proven to be invaluable. I am grateful for an exceptional practical experience in the loudspeaker manufacturing industry.

Middle Tennessee State University

B.S. in Audio Production (Jan 2014 – May 2016)

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

MTSU offered me the perfect opportunity to learn not just about audio but also about people. diversity, leadership, and organization. The recording industry program, one of the largest on the planet, challenged me in ways I had not imagined and pushed me to excel in every way. My experience leading the Society for Electronic Music and the National Society for Collegiate Scholars at MTSU helped me expand my horizon and develop the soft skills for the real world. I am grateful for friends who continue to inspire me every day, professors who invested time and effort to help me get better, and Grammy winners who put me to the test. Nights spent with friends in world-class studios and post-studio late night Cookout meals will be the best memories for me. It was here where my obsession with loudspeakers and acoustics materialized and I have not looked back since. 

No matter where I go, what I do – I will always be TRUE BLUE.   

18 years in India


I will always cherish the first 18 years of my life in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Mumbai taught me to be competitive and ambitious. It instilled the belief that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it. Winning 4 intercollege ‘Battle of DJs’ is what led me to believe that I could excel at something other than mainstream engineering. The local sound vendors taught me what good sound should not sound like which fueled my transition from an aspiring DJ to an audio nerd. It was time for me to get educated and make the voyage to the United States of America which changed my life forever.

Here’s the research I’ve published so far

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